HIV Ninja

 - HIV Ninja
"HIV is ninja. Creep silently from body to body. Virus most dangerous and deadly enemy. I easily defeat unskilled opponents. To triumph over HIV one must study HIV."

Joey Rasdien is Victor the Taxi Driver

 - Joey Rasdien is Victor the Taxi Driver
"Scrutinze is an important word. It's my word. I invented it. It means you watch out for yourself. Watch your own back. Watch your own front too. In fact, watch all your own risks. Scrutinize the HIV facts. Scrutinize your own way to stay safe and protect yourself as well as others. Why do I do this voice? Because if we all don't start Scrutinizing, we're all screwed."

Sophie Ndaba (Ms Fabulousness) plays herself

 - Sophie Ndaba (Ms Fabulousness) plays herself
"You may be surprised but fame is no protection from this virus. We all need to Scrutinize to stay safe. When they asked me to be in the cast, it took me about one second to say yes. It's a fabulous campaign and working with Joey made it so much fun to play myself.”

Welile Tembe is Virginia the Shebeen Queen

 - Welile Tembe is Virginia the Shebeen Queen
"We've all seen Booza shibobo someone's style. With HIV around, drunken decisions can have devastating consequences. It's great to have the chance to create a character people can relate to. This Queen is tough AND smart. And she loves to Scrutinize."

About Scrutinize

Scrutinize is a public health campaign which encourages the Youth to "scrutinize" or understand their risk of HIV infection in relation to multiple concurrent partners, correct and consistent condom use, transactional sex (sex for money), intergenerational sex (sugar daddies) and alcohol use.

Scrutinize is a national campaign being undertaken by the JHU Program in South Africa and funded by USAID/PEPFAR.