Intersexions viewers tackle multiple concurrent partnerships on Facebook

Loving two people at the same time- Fact or Myth

Loving two people at the same time, can it really happen or is it an excuse for people who want to freely engage in multiple sexual relations? The Intersexions Facebook community which boasts 12 000 members took this debate to another level recently. This debate is inspired by the episode of Intesexions featuring a character named George who was getting it on with Lindi and Ntombi.

Intersexions is produced by Curios Pictures, Ants Media in partnership with Johns Hopkins Health and Education in SA with funding from United States Agency for International Development and President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.

A slim majority of participants in this discussion were steadfast on their opinion that loving more than one person at a time cannot be possible. " there is nothing like that, because if you can love two people what would stop you from loving three or four? This is what I would call rubbish love" wrote one member.

Some members believe that it is possible as long as the people involved respect the "rules of the game". The rules referred to imply that both parties must make sure they don't let the cat out of the bag but a lot of members argued that this is not love and can only be described as cheating. A small percentage felt that this was a matter requiring further pondering with one respondent saying that it is "something to think about in my own life".

The facebook group provides an opportunity for members to further explore the key questions raised by the series. Intersexions explores the intersections or crossroads in our love and sexual lives by posing the important question: Do you know who your previous lover has slept with?

About Scrutinize

Scrutinize is a public health campaign which encourages the Youth to "scrutinize" or understand their risk of HIV infection in relation to multiple concurrent partners, correct and consistent condom use, transactional sex (sex for money), intergenerational sex (sugar daddies) and alcohol use.

Scrutinize is a national campaign being undertaken by the JHU Program in South Africa and funded by USAID/PEPFAR.