Condom wise

Condom wise

Condoms are 80 - 90% effective in reducing the risk of HIV when used correctly and consistently with all partners and also effective to prevent other sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. There are many myths and half truths about condoms, here's where you get to scrutinize the facts from the myths about condoms.

Male condoms are the most widely available condoms and are made of latex and should be used with only water based lubricants such as KY Jelly. Oil based lubricants such as Vaseline damage the condom and may cause it to break. Using a condom may seem as simple as one two three but this is where you get to become the pro on how to use a male condom.

The female condom is made from polyurethane and is the only method available to women at the moment to prevent HIV. It forms a barrier between the penis and the vagina, cervix and external genitalia thereby providing additional protection . This is where you get to become a pro on how to use a female condom.

In many relationships people start off by using condoms but over time as they get to know the person and develop trust they may stop using condoms or they may not use them all the time. It is at this time that it is possible for HIV to sneak in especially if they or their partner are having sex with other people and are not using a condom.

In some instances women and men may be forced to have sex when they don't want to - this is rape. Rape is all forms of sexual penetration without consent. In this instance the person should immediately report this to the police, go for an HIV test at a local clinic to determine their status and if they are negative should start taking a course of anti-retrovirals within 72 hours that may prevent them from getting HIV.

Remember: 1 CONDOM - 1 ROUND

About Scrutinize

Scrutinize is a public health campaign which encourages the Youth to "scrutinize" or understand their risk of HIV infection in relation to multiple concurrent partners, correct and consistent condom use, transactional sex (sex for money), intergenerational sex (sugar daddies) and alcohol use.

Scrutinize is a national campaign being undertaken by the JHU Program in South Africa and funded by USAID/PEPFAR.